Board of Directors

President                 Kelvin Jasek-Rysdahl – CSUS Professor
Kelvin has been a member of the Economics faculty at California State University-Stanislaus since 1996.  He is a Co-Director of the Center for Public Policy Studies at the University and Chair of the Department of Economics, Agricultural Studies & Social Sciences.  In addition to teaching he has an active community based research agenda.  Kelvin is happily married with two lovely daughters.  He exercises regularly and enjoys golfing and watching sports.

Vice President        Julie Fox 

Treasurer                Maris Sturtevant – United Samaritans Foundation
Born and raised in Turlock, Maris Sturtevant has been working to empower the homeless community in Turlock for over 20 years. Maris was a member of the original founding groups who started the Daily Bread Lunch Program at Sacred Heart Church in 1992 and the We Care Program in 2003.  Some of Maris’ notable accomplishments include the Humanitarian of the Year Award from City of Turlock and the Paul Harris Fellowship from Rotary International.  Maris is currently the Director of Operations at the United Samaritans Foundation. She is also a proud mother of 3 wonderful adults children and grandmother of 4.   Fun fact: Maris, her children, and her grandchildren all  have attended the same elementary school!

Secretary              Sandy Singh                                                                                          Born and raised in Turlock to local small business owners, Sandy spent over 6 years in NYC studying Marketing and International Management at Pace University and working at McGraw-Hill as a Marketing and Event Specialist. She then spent over 20 months in India working for a social enterprise incubator, where she scaled a platform to build a local social enterprise ecosystem in 15 different cities. In her free time, Sandy enjoys boxing, hiking, travelling and reading.

Member                John Lazar

Member                 Umar Ghuman

Member                 Lynn Johnson

President Emertitus    Bill Sturtevant 

Bill started working with the homeless community in Turlock over 25 years ago on the Daily Bread lunch truck, providing daily lunches. At that time, there was an obvious need to serve Vietnam veterans and low-income households, a need that wasn’t being filled elsewhere.  The Daily Bread ministries became the United Samaritans Foundation, giving Bill the opportunity to serve and understand a population that he had not only grown attached to but had started considering family.  Over time, USF started serving more households and additional geographic locations. In 2003, there was an obvious need to help homeless individuals find shelter and have a place to call home. This led to his co-founding of the We Care Program Turlock. During the shelter season, Bill can be found at the shelter almost every night, making the homeless men feel more the home.


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